Thursday, 15 Abr 2021 | 10:26 am
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Oasis II Rooftop Tent from Rogue River Trading

Rogue River Trading (RRT) is pleased to announce the new Oasis II rooftop tent designed to keep you comfortable up out of the elements and away from the creepy crawly creatures on the ground. Using modern lightweight waterproof materials the tent has great strength and durability and yet weighs less than 40lbs complete, nearly 100 lbs less than many competitors units. With 2 screened entry doors, zip close roof vents, and a reflective sunshade/extreme weather fly this tent will keep you comfortable under the harshest conditions imaginable. Designed to fit onto factory racks or 1 inch aftermarket (Yakima/Thule) type crossbars the Oasis 2 can be used on nearly every car on the road. Installation takes just minutes letting you use the tent when you want to go camping and store it away when you don’t need it. You can even remove it and set it on its feet for ground use if you plan to be in the same camp for a few days, eliminating the need to repack when you want to go exploring or just need to move your vehicle. The Oasis 2 is simply the best, most practical vehicle camping tent available today, offering comfort, convenience, and ease of use untouched by the competition.


Can be fitted to virtually any vehicle with very little effort
Rugged aluminum frame construction with waterproof modern 300D polyester fabric construction
Stable, wide, and easily adjustable extension ladder reaches over 9 feet for fitment on virtually any vehicle. Can be climbed comfortably in bare feet
Lightweight at less than 40 lbs, the Oasis 2 can be easily lifted onto any vehicle at a moments notice. Nearly 100lbs lighter than some rooftop tents
Works with virtually every factory roof rack or aftermarket crossbar system. No expensive and heavy mounting rack is required
No expensive heavy mounting rack is required.
Does not require permanent attachment to the vehicle. Install the tent in minutes when you need it then store it under a bed or hung up in the garage when not in use
Low profile and lightweight the Oasis II has negligible effect on mileage and vehicle stability when installed
Can be easily removed from the vehicle for ground camping for an extended stay in the same site
Extremely comfortable isolated fabric flooring can be adjusted for tension giving a personal fit for 2 people
Tilted end acts as a pillowing area and naturally conforms to your body for a good nights rest
2 fully screened access doors with additional screened (can be zipped open) ventilation in the roof panels. This tent breathes as you need it to keep you comfortable under the most extreme conditions
Provided shade/extreme weather fly is reversible with an aluminized reflective cover on one side, perfect for desert and high heat areas
Set up takes just moments and can be accomplished by just one person standing on the ground. (most vehicles)
Travel cover is waterproof and completely removes for ease of tent operation. Simple, strong nylon clips secure the cover and eliminate ballooning during high speed travel
Ladder fits between feet and tent base on one side, allows storage of long thin items on the opposite side such as surfboards or skis
Available self-inflating mattress can be used for additional warmth in extreme cold conditions

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